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Where to skate on the East Side of town

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Columbia Park

Troutdale, Oregon

While Troutdale doesn't have a skate spot yet, Eastside Roll-In's Tyler Cole has been working with the city for over 5 years to make this dream come true.  Keep an eye out for changes with this skate spot and check out our Skateway to the Gorge page to donate to the cause.

davis sakepark .jpg

Davis Skatepark

Gresham, Oregon

Davis park is 2.6 acres and features a roughly 2,800 sqft skate spot with a pyramid, bank ramp and a curved ledge.  The city has no restrictions listed regarding bikes or boards.

troutdale elementary.jpg

Troutdale Elementary

Troutdale, Oregon

While this isn't an official skate spot in Troutdale, it doesn't stop the kids from riding the ledges, curbs and basketball court. 

rotary park - hood river.jpg

Rotary Park

Hood River, Oregon

Located in Hood River, Oregon, Rotary Park has been built in many phases.  Including a BMK track, ramps, bowls, and even partially covered areas.

Main City Park - Gresham.jpg

Main City Park

Gresham, Oregon

Main City Park is located at the intersection of Roberts & Powell Blvd in Gresham, Oregon.  It's 5,710 sqft of stairs, ramps and ledges.   According to the city, the spot is for skateboarding and in-line skating only.


Sweetbriar Park

Troutdale, Oregon

Although, not an official skate spot, this is a fun sunny or even rainy day place to ride.  Bring your own mini ramp and set it up under the covered basketball court for a little sunless fun.

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