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What's happening?

Hey everyone. These past few weeks have been pretty eventful. We've teamed up with some local brands for some inventory and can't wait to share our stock!

We've now got Merde Skateboards on the site, ready for sales. Our good buddy Chris Nukala has brought these boards to life and we couldn't be more honored to have these on hand.

Recently, we've hooked up with Unheard PDX for brands like Bacon, ACE, and Portland Wheel Company. Again, another honor.

While we are focusing more on local brands, we are in the process of gathering Independent, Santa Cruz, Creature, MOB and more. Updates to come.

In other news, Skate Shop Day is coming up on February 19th. We are encouraging everyone to shop local, support local and skate local on this day. Keep an eye out, as we will be doing contests, promos and give aways throughout the month.

February 20th, I'll be meeting again with the Mayor, Randy Lauer, the Parks Superintendent, Tim Seery and a few local skaters to discuss what they'd like to see in a skate spot. Due to covid, space is limited. Please message me on Instagram or email and answer these few questions to get your voice heard. I will do my best to take all of your responses to the meeting.

*What type of skating do you prefer?

-street or transition

*What makes a park skateable to you?

The Mayor, Superintendent and I will be meeting again with Evergreen to discuss budget and logistics further shortly after. But this is an on-going project that will be taking a lot more time and effort from our community. I'm excited we've gotten this far, but we still have a long road ahead.

Stay tuned to Edger (blog spot) and follow Eastside Roll-In on Instagram for news, product updates, promos, contests and more. We have some special items in the works like ramps and skate racks, so stay up to date.


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