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What do you want?

While we are getting ready to stock up our online store and our soon to be storefront, we're curious what brands you'd like to see.

Our emphasis will be on regional exploration, that means shop where you live. There will be a focus on local hard goods. Even our shop apparel will be made by another local yokel. Although, Thunder trucks and Black Label boards are among some of my favorite outsiders.

Here's what we're thinking of having in store (to start);

*Eastside Roll-In (shop branded) boards & apparel *NHS (Independent, OJ, Krux, Creature, Santa Cruz, etc.)

*Deluxe (Spitfire, Krooked, AntiHero, Thunder, etc.)

*Skate One (Powell Peralta & Bones)

Leave a comment on what you'd like to spot in-store and online. If you don't see your brand listed, no worries, just comment who you like to give us an idea.

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