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Skate shop day is coming!

In 2020 two guys who love skateboarding started "Skate Shop Day". This is the 2nd annual event for 2021 and we couldn't be more excited to participate.

We love this question on their website ,"How do I celebrate Skate Shop Day if I don’t have a skate shop near me?", and the answer is simple, GO ONLINE! Although we don't have a storefront yet, we have an online shop that is growing. With boards from Bacon and Merde, wheels from Portland Wheel Co. and shop apparel.

We need your support in this cold wintery month to gain footing and pave the way for that storefront. We want to bring you the best local shop we can.

Skateboarding isn't just some fad or something your mom hates, it's a community of people who go out to support one another, lift each other up, blow of steam at a park or a local curb. It's no different then your friend who says "football is life" or wants to be a major league baseball player. Skateboarding is a sport too that should be supported and embraced by all. But without our local shops, that community starts to dwindle or move to the outskirts of town.

Eastside Roll-In Skateboards & Skate Supply wants to be that place for Troutdale, that place to hang out, where we know our regulars and where visitors in the summer can check us out.

So February 19th, get online and do some shopping! Check out our Instagram to learn more about giveaways and discounts this month.

Happy skating!


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