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Rollin' out the 1st week

Wow, we launched the 1st part of our online store this week and the orders that have poured in are amazing. Even more than we anticipated. We want to thank all of our current supporters in the city of Troutdale and our surrounding communities.

Nothing is better than finally starting your dream and having so much support and success right away.

So what's happening this week?

Well, Sunday, Jan 10th we launched the website with a sweet promo. The 1st 8 orders receives free grip, a Skateway to the Gorge shirt, and some stickers.

Today, the 12th, my wife and I have been chatting with some old friends and some awesome local artists about some custom work for new boards and shirts. Make sure to comment on Instagram or email with graphic ideas you'd like to see on shop boards.

Friday, the 15th, I'm meeting with the city's new Mayor, Randy Lauer, the parks comittee and other city council to discuss more movement on a skate park in Troutdale. The park is currently on the master plan, but now we need to get it on the budget for 2021-2022. As always, any $$$ you have to spare is encouraged and welcome. $3000 has been raised and there is now a donation section on Eastside Roll-In's website under the Skateway to the Gorge tab.

So what's the deal with next week?

Be on the look out for more info on new decks, completes, trucks, wheels, etc coming to the site.

Follow us on Instagram and our blog to find out more on contests and give aways (we all like free stuff right?).

Business plan is in place for a local storefront, so keep up with us.

And, of course more inventory is on its way!! So if the shop board you liked is gone, don't cry, it's coming back in stock shortly!

Now shut up and go skate!!

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