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Ripples of Possibility

Its autumn in Troutdale and with that comes cooler temperatures, billowy skies, a sharp breeze and drizzle. If not already obvious, these don't make for ideal skateboarding conditions. So, what is one to do during the dark half? If you're lucky your town might have an indoor skatepark or you might know a handy individual with a ramp in their garage. Or maybe your the stoic type to brave the wet and wind for a parking garage or covered schoolyard court.

The bottom line is that throughout the majority of the world most skaters have to negotiate the hard facts of autumn and winter. And no matter the conditions there are always diehards out there working with what they have to forge a session through the dark days. Do you fit in this "category"? If so, throughout the autumn and winter we encourage you and your comrades to send us pics and clips exhibiting your all seasons radness and we'll get a few posted up for the skateworld to see!

In the meantime, get creative! If you don't have access to indoor facilities or covered spots use what you have to make it happen! Get on board, get Rad!

Later Days,


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