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Mom, I'm bored...

Agh, the age old "Mom, I'm bored" quote. As a parent, I hear this all to often "but dad, that's boring" or "Dad, I'm bored, what should I do?". Well shut up, go out and skate!

While there's only a few city locations to skate you can still get creative. Just follow the rainbow to that pot of gold and go skate your 1st pool or make yourself a mini ramp. There's no shortage of asphalt outside your front door. You never know what you're going to find in the good ole' East Side of Multnomah County.

My suggestion, ride around the business district or local schools to see what's out there. Personally, I don't have a favorite spot. There's good curbs to goof around on at Troutdale Elementary. If you feel like a mellow hill bomb, take Sandy Avenue down to 3rd street. You want to get really daring, skate any vertical hill in Troutdale and pray you don't roll into oncoming traffic (been there, done that).

But, if you just want to go to a local park, check out our website and click on Skate Local.

Happy riding!

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