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Let the Good Times Roll-In!

Hello Riders!

It's been four months since our grand opening, so we figure now is a good time to update you on what's happening at Eastside Roll-In. Since June we've continued to plug away at getting our name out to skaters in East Multnomah County. We've hosted a couple first Friday art exhibitions, currently we have an installation by Sam Harang on display through October. The shop has been consistently stocked with essential skateboarding equipment and we've recently added Non Existent Skateboards to our roster of local skate brands. We've bulked up our rack of vinyl LPS from Landfill Rescue Unit and are planning on expanding our selection next summer.

Although we cannot post any renderings yet, we're excited to announce that after six years of advocating for a "skatespot" in Troutdale the city finally has a concept in hand. The concept was designed by the renowned Evergreen Skateparks whom we've been in discussions with since shortly after our initial presentation in 2015. Over the winter, along with the mayor and parks superintendent, we'll be in meetings with the building & planning department in order to complete the necessary steps that will allow us to take our agenda to the budget committee next spring. Thankfully, we have an energetic mayor who has made it clear that the construction of a skatespot during his term is high on his priority list.

It is our desire to keep serving the skateboarding needs of Troutdale and its neighbors for many years to come. Although we wish to gradually expand our selection of brands, our mission is to bolster our local companies in order to bolster the local skate community. We look forward to seeing you in the shop, call or email us with any inquiries you may have.

Let the Good Times Roll,


Kerri & Tyler Cole

Eastside Roll-In

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