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Get er done!

Exciting things are happening on the East Side. Feb 19th was skateshop day and we thank all of you who took advantage of our coupon deal!

The next day we had an awesome turn out of folks down at Columbia Park to discuss a skate spot in Troutdale with our Mayor, Randy Lauer and parks adviser, Tim Seery. This couldn't have been any better. We had great discussions, not only regarding what we as a community would like to see in a park/spot, but goals and even street art.

Speaking of art. We had the privilege of getting acquainted with Mr. Rip Caswell of Troutdale recently.

We are in the works of potentially securing our own space within the artist community where we can host events, house product and even hang out with our locals. We can't wait for more community involvement and to see you all in person soon (masks on of course 😷).

Until then, please keep following us on Instagram and check out our website for offers, coupons, updates and more!


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