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Eastside Roll-In is starting off as an online skateboard shop and will be moving to a storefront soon. We are a family owned shop that will focus on local brands but will have a varied selection. Until then, check back here for events, local riding spots, info on getting a skatepark in our backyard and more!

I've been skating since I was13 years old. Skating is an outlet for me. When I'm down, angry, frustrated, tired, over-worked...I skate! I find a local curb, bust out my home-made ramp, or even just ride the hills of Troutdale.

I spent a good 15 years of my life working at a skate shop and after 6 years of marriage and 2 kids, it is time for me to open my own place. I know times are tough during this pandemic, but, all the more reason to have a local shop. I want a place where everybody knows your name.

I've also been advocating for a skatepark in Troutdale the last 5 years. It's on the parks master plan and the Gresham Outlook has done 3 articles if you'd like a little light reading.

Check back here for more on my favorite skate spots here on the East side of town and products from our shop.

Got something to say? Email me at and let me know your favorite local spots, products you'd like to see, to get more info on a park in Troutdale and to learn how you can help!



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